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WeCreation Games, LLC is a small studio that aims to enrich the lives of their players through friendly and inspiring entertainment.


Dane Grant is a medical student who has always dreamed of writing music for a video game, and now distills that passion into the immersive compositions and sounds featured in ReShape.

Alex Smith is a deeply creative father of three who co-designed the ReShape gameplay, animated the characters, and sculpted the world.

Samea Derrick was 11 years old when she published a book of over 460 comics. Now at UCLA studying environmental science, she brings our games to life with her vibrant illustrations.

Elizabeth Smith is a writer, editor, and mother who co-wrote the ReShape story, interpreted market research, and invented our menu experience.

Skyler Smith, an iOS engineer and a father, brought the team together and develops the software.

We are also blessed with enormous support from our family and friends who test our work, design levels, provide ideas, and create materials. In short, though, we’re all first-time game developers—hobbyists who believe that we can build games worth building.


In 2017, Skyler Smith sat in his apartment with his cousin Alex Smith and talked about their plans for the future. Skyler noted that back in high school, they had dreamed of creating exciting things, but they had lacked the skills and dedication required. Now, after years of study and practice, they had enough of the skills, but they were using them only to do what people would pay them for.


So they decided to build ReShape using the novice skills they were developing. It wasn't long before Dane Grant joined the team to compose music and sound effects. By early 2018, the team was ready to enter their fledgling game (then called Geomia) into the BYU Mobile App Competition, and they placed first! The early success bolstered them, and with an influx of valuable feedback from early players, the team began redesigning the game. This required new expertise, so they connected with Elizabeth Smith and Samea Derrick, who molded the ReShape story.

While the team continued working on the game over the next five years, their vision of what ReShape could do for its players evolved. They began to imagine that ReShape could give something back through uplifting storytelling and fables. Their mission changed: instead of aiming to build something merely exciting, they were driven to create something worthwhile.

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