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Release date:
September 1, 2023



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After a visionary roboticist disappears in a strange new dimension, players lead her old-school uncle, Jerry, on a mission to rescue her. Through quirky tug-of-war-style battles, players collect specimens from their defeated enemies to expand their own roster of Shapes, then match them up against the Distortions that converge on Jerry’s RV lab. Each of the nine available Shapes have their unique strengths and weaknesses, so choosing which ones to use, and which to upgrade, has a huge impact.

ReShape features a novel resource management system, where Shapes return their cost as soon as they are defeated. This makes gameplay amusingly counter-intuitive—in many scenarios, the player will choose to send their units where they’ll be defeated the fastest, so they can use their resources again.

With three difficulty settings, ReShape is accessible to a wide range of play styles, and players can even pair up with friends to complete exciting cooperative challenges. It is free to download and free to play, with optional in-app purchases and no ads.


In 2017, Skyler Smith sat in his apartment with his cousin Alex Smith and talked about their plans for the future. Skyler noted that back in high school, they had dreamed of creating exciting things, but they had lacked the skills and dedication required. Now, after years of study and practice, they had enough of the skills, but they were using them only to do what people would pay them for.


So they decided to build ReShape using the novice skills they were developing. It wasn't long before Dane Grant joined the team to compose music and sound effects. By early 2018, the team was ready to enter their fledgling game (then called Geomia) into the BYU Mobile App Competition, and they placed first! The early success bolstered them, and with an influx of valuable feedback from early players, the team began redesigning the game. This required new expertise, so they connected with Elizabeth Smith and Samea Derrick, who molded the ReShape story.

While the team continued working on the game over the next five years, their vision of what ReShape could do for its players evolved. They began to imagine that ReShape could give something back through uplifting storytelling and fables. Their mission changed: instead of aiming to build something merely exciting, they were driven to create something worthwhile.

To that end, ReShape is delightfully simple, not superfluously flashy, and it has no ads. The gameplay itself remains the focus, but a heartfelt story has been woven throughout.


  • The endless waves of Distortions are the player's greatest danger, but also their most important resource: they hold the keys to ReShaping an army. The player breaks them, then collects their specimens to turn them to their own side.
  • A few simple Shapes like Circles, Triangles, or Squares might not seem like much, but they come alive with unique strengths. The player learns the best combinations to dominate on the battlefield.
  • As the player progresses through Geomia, the World of Shapes, they capture Specimens to power up their army.
  • Players find their way through the world and make choices of where to go as they search for Lexi, Jerry's lost niece.
  • An ever-expanding array of challenge levels is available.
  • Players can join a friend to play cooperatively against even more Distortions.


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ReShape: Rescue Credits

Skyler Smith
Designer, Developer

Alex Smith
Designer, Animator

Dane Grant
Designer, Musician

Samea Derrick

Elizabeth Smith
Writer, Editor

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